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Daly Caramel is the best ingredient for making salted caramel bubble tea.

Just add non-diary creamer caramel syrup, assam black tea, non-diary creamer and tapica pearl, topping with thick layer of cheese form. Some shop even use caramel syrup to rich the tapioca pearl after they have been cooked or rinsed. 


Caramel  Flavored Tea

  • Add 25ml flavored syrup and 200ml hot tea into a 500mlshaker.
  • Add ice until full.
  • Shake well and enjoy.


Caramel Flavored Milk Tea  

  • Add 40g of non-dairy creamer and 200ml Assam black tea  into a 500ml  shaker and stir until dissolved.
  • Add ice and stir.
  • Add 20ml of syrup.
  • Add fructose to taste if desired.
  • Shake well and enjoy.


Shelf Life: 12montsh

Made in Taiwan


Net weight: 1.3kg, 12 units per case


Caramel Syrup (1.3kg)

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