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By adding natural strawberries with little seeds and pieces of pulp inside, strawberry syrup with pulp can create all your strawberry flaovr drinks: strawberry iced tea, strawberry juice, strawberry smoothies. Some of the stores add directly to frozen yogurt or ice cream as toppings 


How to make strawberry flavor juice (500ml)

  • Put 200ml of ice water into a 500ml shaker
  • Add 60ml of strawberry syrup
  • Add fructose to taste if desired.
  • Filled with crushed ice and shake it well
  • Enjoy it


How to make strawberry flavor ice tea (500ml)

  • Put 200ml of green or black tea into a 500ml shaker
  • Add 60ml of strawberry syrup and stir it well
  • Add fructose to taste if desired 
  • Add crushed ice until 500ml in the shaker
  • Shake it well and enjoy


Shelf Life: 12 months


Made in Taiwan


Net Weight: 2.5kg (2.1L), 6bottles/CTN


TC Strawberry Flavor Concentrated Syrup with Pulp (2.5kg or 2.1L)

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