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Watermelon flavor syrup to use in drinks, milk tea, smoothies or frozen yogurt. Watermelon smoothies with cheese form becomes very popular in the market. By adding watermelon syrup can enhance the flavor and balance the quality of fresh fruit. 


How to make watermelon flavor juice (500ml)

  • Put 200ml of ice water into a 500ml shaker
  • Add 60ml of watermelon syrup
  • Add fructose to taste if desired.
  • Filled with crushed ice and shake it well
  • Enjoy it


How to make watermelon flavor tea (500ml)

  • Put 200ml of green or black tea into a 500ml shaker
  • Add 60ml of watermelon syrup and stir it well
  • Add fructose to taste if desired 
  • Add crushed ice until 500ml in the shaker
  • Shake it well and enjoy


How to make watermelon smoothies with cheese form (700ml):


  •  200g of ​f​​​resh watermelon 
  • 100ml of jasmine green tea 
  •  40ml of fructose 
  • 40ml of watermelon syrup
  • 300g of ice into a blender

Put all ingredients into a blender and put cheese form on the top


Storage & Care:

- Shake well before use.

- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

- Avoid constant exposure to light.

- For the best results, refrigerate after opening


Shelf Life: 18months

Made in Taiwan

Net weight: 2.5kg, 6 units per case

Watermelon Flavor Concentrated Syrup (2.5Kg or 2.1L)

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